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13 Knitting Memes That Are Perfection

Everyone loves a good meme, and today we’re bringing you 13 of our favorites.

13) Don’t act like you don’t spend 85% of your work day on crafting websites…

12) Everyone loves a good Zoolander reference…and Fade Shawl.

11) Shameful!

Image result for one does not simple knitting

10) Play to your strengths!

9) Who needs to buy finished products when you could just knit them all yourself??

8) The Hills Are Alive… with unfinished scarfs, and socks without a matching mate.

7) Enough Said.

Image result for craft someting pretty meme

6)  Ahh, Grease. 40 years later and the content is still generating quality memes.

5) Sometimes a good hobby is a great way to work off those daily frustrations!

4) “This is the largest sock I’ve ever knit..hmmm”

3) Cold weather is coming?  Say no more, you’ve been waiting for this all Summer and now it’s your time to shine!

2) The audacity, there will be consequences!

1) You: “Cashmere sweater for you, you and you! Everyone gets a cashmere sweater!!”

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