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Paradise Fibers Amber Glitzy Wool Roving

I was gifted the Paradise Fibers Glitzy Wool Roving in Amber not too long ago. And although the
color is the most gorgeous, natural amber color, I could not figure out what I wanted to make with it. This color, in fact, looks beautiful on most skin tones and has a delightful sparkle to the roving. So after some time of pondering over this beautiful wool and imagining all the possibilities, I finally said to myself, “Listen, April. You have entirely too much fiber at this time and you need to just do something!”. So with no intentions in mind whatsoever, I just started spinning the roving on my Lendrum Folding Wheel. To my surprise, the roving did not spin as consistently as I would have hoped which made me a little sad but as I was spinning, I started to really enjoy the thick and thin yarn it wanted to spin up to be. Sometimes we have to listen to the fiber and let it tell us what it would like to be rather than fight the fibers to make it what we want. And I’m glad I listened. The yarn it created reminded me of my first skein of yarn I ever spun. It was chunky and thin but overall made an aran weight yarn. The spinning was so addictive, I sat there for five hours at my wheel and just let myself fall into a deep meditative zone. Five hours seemed like half and hour and before I knew it, I had gone through eight ounces of amber glitz roving.

“Listen, April. You have entirely too much fiber at this time and you need to just do something!”

After plying, skeining, washing, drying, and finally balling up the yarn, I decided I had just enough to make some fingerless mitts. After face squishing the yarn for a bit, I excitedly started knitting with my newly made thick, thin yarn just making my ordinary vanilla fingerless mitts with my Knitter’s Pride Marblz DPNs. I loved the fabric I was getting and liked the course feel of the material. I found the most perfect little buttons to add a subtle bit of interest in the fingerless mitts to complete the project. I am very pleased with my new handspun fingerless mitts but I think I might add a fleece lining to the inside as they are just a little scratchy for my skin. I only wish I would have blended the Amber glitz with our Ashland Bay dyed bamboo in the color topaz because of how soft and smooth the bamboo feels. Not to mention, it is an exact color match!

I think it would definitely have softened my mitts up so they wouldn’t feel so wooly. But I do love the look of the yarn and really enjoy the sparkly bits flashing every which way in the material.

After working with this glitzy goodness, I would definitely love to spin with this roving again or even try my hand at either needle felting or knit to felt. I would love to try one of our other glitz colors as we have a wonderful selection of glitzy rovings. After all, I think I could use a pair of felted house slippers.

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