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Put Some Color In Your Crafts With Recycled Sari Silk

Want to support fair trade practices in India and Nepal that provide income for women who must work from home?

Use sari silk ribbon yarn to infuse beautiful crisp colors into your projects

Look no further than our sari silk yarn! It comes in both spun  and ribbon varieties, which lend themselves to a multitude of crafty projects. Despite its name, this yarn is not made from saris that have been worn, but rather is spun from mill ends and remnant silks leftover from the textile industry of India. Interested in spinning your own sari silk yarn? You can find sari silk pulled rovings and spin-able threads on our website for these purposes.

A variety of colors await!

Spun sari silk yarn is a yarn of varying thickness. These skeins are unique and can be different in weight from each other. Each skein depends on the skill of the individual spinner, giving it a wonderful personality and individuality. So, what can we do with this yarn?

Handspun and unique!

First, one must wash this colorful yarn. They are over-dyed and must be processed in cool water with a few drops of dish soap. Simply untwist the hank, secure the yarn with some figure eight knots if you wish, and place the yarn in a container such as a bucket or sink. Add a few drops of the dish soap and cover the yarn with cool water. Allow to sit for five to ten minutes, then rinse. Repeat this process several times. Allow to dry.

Market bag with recycled sari spun and ribbon yarn, as well as our pulled and thread rovings

Once you have this deliciously vibrant yarn ready to use, what kind of projects are suitable for it? Our personal favorite item to make is farmer’s market bags! Reusable grocery bags are great for the environment, and making them out of already recycled materials? Well, that may just elevate you to “green superhero” status!

Truthfully, the sky is the limit when it comes to using this yarn. It has minimal stretch, so items that do not need to change shape or that need to be sturdy are ideal. Other ideas include jewelry, accessories such as shawls, and a quick Pinterest search even reveals a chair cover made from this brilliantly colored  yarn.

Let us see your projects! Post on Instagram with the hashtag #paradisefibers or in our Ravelry group The Real Paradise Fibers and let us know what you think!

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