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Lanolizing Wool for a Natural Color-Work Project – January 2018 Fiber Club Tutorial

Wool is a WONDROUS fiber with incredible properties that make it a joy to experiment with in many projects! Wool is durable, takes dye well, resists soiling/odor, antibacterial, non allergenic, repels moisture, resists wrinkles, retains shape, we could go on… To start off the new year we sent our Fiber of the Month Club members […]
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Mantis Farms Sustainable Orgainc Fiber

Nestled on a hill top allowing them to see them to see the whole valley of Chewelah, Mantis Farms brings to mind a different time in American, when the west was not a manufacturing powerhouse but a series of cottage industries that connected the community together. Ann of Mantis Farms paints a stunning picture of […]
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What’s happening on my farm- Shetland Shearing!

What’s happening on my farm! I’ve been getting some questions about my flock at home so I thought I would share now that shearing is over. If you are ever spending time with the sheep community you will know there is no such thing as “spring, there is Lambing and Shearing, and they are their […]
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Mom experiments with raising woad natural dye plants

I just tried natural dyeing for the first time last week. It was fast, easy and cheap. Why did I wait so long? I started my six woad seedlings (seed purchased from Pinetree) under lights in March. They proved to be indestructible—unconcerned about negligent watering and soil from the backyard. Oh wait! Did I forget […]
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