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Paradise Fibers Blog / Kyles Corner

Picking Your First Spinning Wheel

Hey Future spinners! Kyle and I have been working together figure out the perfect wheel for you he made an awesome video to walk you through the basic elements and I’ve brainstormed some questions you should ask yourself before you pick your wheel. Kyle’s 4 tips for buying a spinning wheel Still want to know […]
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Harp Forte Upgrade Kit

Harp Forte Upgrade Kit: the Kromski up-grade for their 3 different size old style Harp looms If you are not sure you need this upgrade look to see if you ratchet and pawls are metal or plastic, plastic and you’ll need the upgrade. The Harp Forte solves some of the problems for that the Harp has been […]
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Single to Double: Converting and Refurbing a Lendrum Folding Wheel

Barns Sale, Ebay, Swap Meet, Craig’s List, Spin-in, Thrift Store- Spinners work hard to find wheels wherever we go. An old wheel found at a great price creates some of the best stories, even when they end with “it was totally unusable-“ but it is way better when we can end it with- “…and they […]
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New Revolution Spinning Wheel Box

We have recently updated the packaging for our Revolution Spinning Wheel. It is very important that you watch the instructional video before you start taking everything out of the box. The video above will take you through the entire setup process of the Deluxe Revolution Package. We also show how to change the drive band […]
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How To Join A Stretchy Drive Band for a Spinning Wheel

The clear poly drive band is becoming more and more common. This drive band material does not work for all wheel so be careful when you are ordering it. If you have a double drive wheel you can not use the clear poly drive band. This material will only work for single drive wheels. If […]
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Louet Spinning Wheel Comparison

Louet fest 2013 was a blast. I was able to sit down with Dave from Louet and compare four of their most popular wheels. Louet wanted to make a high quality entry level wheel at a reasonable price point and they came up with the S17. This is a bobbin lead single drive wheel. It […]
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The New Louet David Loom is here at Paradise, Kyle goes over some key features

The Louet David is a one of a kind floor loom. The David is a compact eight harness floor loom available in 27 and 35 inch weaving widths. The first thing you may notice about this loom is the treadling system. As you press down the treadle on most jack looms the shafts are being […]
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Addi Express Quick and Easy Hat!

I’ll show you how to make a fun little hat on the Addi Express quickly in the video below with little or no experience.  These circular knitting machines are great when you’re in a time crunch or doing knit hats for charity in a flash.
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