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Hedgehog Fibres Spinning Top

Are you entranced by the colorful beauty that Hedgehog Fibres is known for?  These colors are not just reserved for knitters, we have three different bases of this dream roving in stock now!  The colorways of Hedgehog Fibres Spinning Top are limited edition and not repeated.  Make sure you get what you need to get your […]
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Air Travel and Knitting

As convenient as air travel is I am always a little apprehensive.  Getting to see family and going on vacation is the best, but I always worry about getting my knitting project (and all my knitting needles) through security safely.  After all, my project bag is the first bag I pack, doesn’t everyone plan and pack their […]
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Knit for Kids, Hats Off to You!

Steve Maraboli said in his book, Life, the Truth, and Being Free, “A kind gesture can reach a wound that only compassion can heal.”  When someone is dealing with the stress, anxiety, and pain that is associated with illness a kind gesture to ease the mind can work wonders to rejuvenate a heart heavy with concern. The […]
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Cascade Ultra Pima Cotton

We are so excited to have Cascade Ultra Pima back in stock!  Made of 100% long staple cotton, Cascade’s Ultra Pima yarn has a luxurious sheen, soft hand, and incredible smoothness. It works great for knitting, crocheting, and weaving.  The light sheen of this yarn really highlights pattern-work changes.  With machine wash and tumble dry […]
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Addi Needles

I can’t even begin to tell you how many different types of knitting needles I have tried.  I have some beautiful exotic wood straight needles that I just love to look at but find I don’t use very often.  I think I was just too excited when I saw these beauties that I bought them when […]
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Knitted Knockers

I recently watched a video on Facebook about a woman in the UK who actually knits breasts! This woman knits about 300 knockers every month! She creates and donates the knockers for women who have suffered from breast cancer, had a mastectomy, but do not want implants. There are a variety of sizes and fiber contents to make […]
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The generosity of our creative community was abundantly seen in our partnership with Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital as we Knit-for-Kids.  As your donations have come in over the past month, we could not wait to see what you created.  You are going to make some kids very happy! A Mountain of Hope Hats flooded in […]
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Healing Hands: Knit for Kids

Knitters have long known the healing effects of their handy work.  Once you get the hang of this activity, it is quite relaxing.  The feeling of having a strand of silky, superfine merino blended with cashmere pass through your fingers as you create something for a loved one is amazing.  With all of these benefits, […]
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Shop the President’s Day Sale

Starting right now and lasting through Tuesday, February 21, 2017 we are celebrating by offering our valued customers a chance for Super Savings! Shop any collection on our site from spinning wheels and looms, spinning fiber and weaving cones, yarn and needles, and gifts or kits for any fiber enthusiast! SHOP NOW! Spend $125, get $25 […]
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Knitters 4 Critters Wrapup

Its August finally and its time to wrap up our Knitters 4 Critters announcements. This has been so rewarding and I’m so proud of all the staff and customers who made this effort a success for the animals. We have also decided to continue to run Knitters 4 Critters every summer starting with our in […]
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Knitters 4 Critters Update and First selected Story

When I broke my second size zero wooden double point needle of the evening, I decided it was time to take a break from my sock knitting and write the Knitters4Critters update. I will switch to a long bamboo circular tomorrow and hope those will stand up against my apparent Hulk like strength. First I […]
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Amazing Underwater Crochet

Amazing Underwater Crochet…You read that right, underwater crochet, where the crocheter is underwater in full diving gear to yarn bomb the world’s only underwater museum the Museo subacuatico De Art. It is considered both a conservation area and public museum on of few that is known as a work-in-progress museum. The art here is most […]
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