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Paradise Fibers Baby Camel Down 4oz bundle

SKU: 3459
Natural Light Brown

We have run out of stock for this item.

This is what dreams are made of!

De-haired baby camel down- Available in 4oz. Bundles.

Clouds of baby camel down, as soft as baby cashmere at a fraction of the price! Spins fast and is so lofty! These fibers have a short staple length, less than an inch, and are fairly slick. We suggest spinning Baby Camel down on the smallest whorl (8.5:1) with a high-speed flyer to ensure enough twist. 

Camels have two coats, a long and hairy outer coat and a soft and downy inner coat. The outer fiber is used to make ropes and strong yarns used in the warp of rugs. The inner down is considered a luxury fiber and is very warm and light, with some elasticity. With a micron count of 17, camel down provides all the warmth without all that bulk. Camel down does not felt easily. A great alternative to cashmere or Quiviut. Easy to spin long draw, even without any hand carding. Ideal for blending or using as is.