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Floor Looms

Whether you are brand new to the craft or a seasoned weaver, when it comes to weaving looms, you have an important choice to make. Since weaving looms come in a vast variety of types, shapes, and sizes, the choice is not always an easy one and may be overwhelming to beginners. Please feel free to contact the shop anytime so we can help you find the perfect loom that fits you and the projects you want to make (509)-536-7746.

Some things you will want to consider:

  • How much space will I have for my weaving loom?
  • What projects do I want to work on?
  • What is my experience level?

Space is definitely one requirement that needs the most consideration. If you live in a small apartment and your workspace also doubles as a bedroom or living room, a smaller table loom is probably best. If on the other hand, you have a whole room or large work area dedicated to the craft, there are beautiful standing units that require a lot of space, but which will allow you to produce exquisite pieces that would be difficult or impossible on a smaller loom. Since floor weaving looms are more complex and often require many accessories to get the most out of it, they are usually more suited to those with higher experience levels.

If you intend on making projects like large blankets or rugs, you will have to go with a floor loom, as a table loom would not be able to handle those. Table looms are great for small to medium-sized, lightweight projects.

The best bet for beginners and those without much experience is a rigid heddle loom or a table loom. When starting out, it’s generally best to choose a less complex and smaller weaving project and rigid heddle looms are great for this. Most crafters find that a table loom or rigid heddle is the perfect size for them, and love the convenience of taking their projects with them.

Weaving looms are the most important decision you will make when it comes to equipment for the craft of weaving, so do your homework and explore all of your options.

Louet Magic Dobby Looms - Electronic Loom Interface-Loom Accessory-
Louet Magic Dobby Looms - Standing Beater-Loom Accessory-Magic Dobby 40cm/16"-
Louet Dobby Looms - Octado 70/90/110-Looms-Octado 70cm/27.5"-
Louet Octado Looms - Flying Shuttle Mechanism-Weaving Accessory-
Louet Magic Dobby Looms - Dobby Bars (set of 10)-Loom Accessory-
Louet Octado Looms - Dobby Bars (set of 10)-Weaving Accessory-
Louet Megado Looms - 2nd Warp Beam-Loom Accessory-Megado 70cm/28"-
Louet Dobby Loom - Megado 70cm/27.5"-Floor Looms-32 Shaft-
Louet Octado Looms - Sectional Warp Kits-Weaving Accessory-Octado 70cm/27.5"-
Louet Megado Looms - Foot Rest-Weaving Accessory-
Louet Megado Looms - Dobby Bars (set of 10)-Weaving Accessory-16 shaft-
The Limited Edition Cherry Standard Floor Loom from Schacht Spindle Co.
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Schacht Spindle Co.'s maple high castle Standard Floor Loom.
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