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Paradise Fibers 64 Count Undyed Merino Top- 1 lb. Special

SKU: 2140
$24.99 $30.00
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Our high quality undyed soft house Merino Wool is the perfect go to wool for many projects including; needle/wet Felting, hand-painting/dyeing, spinning, blending, weaving, and making luxuriously soft arm knitted blankets!  It's no wonder it's our most popular fiber in the shop!

21.5 Microns, 3-4 inch staple length.

Treat yourself to the special by the lb. price that cannot be beat!  Merino wool is luxuriously soft and excellent for people with sensitivity to traditional wool.  It is a fine fiber, with many characteristics that make it one of the most popular natural fibers worldwide.  It is very popular for athletic wear due to its natural moisture wicking properties that take moisture away from the body while still holding in warmth.  It is extremely absorbent, yet retains its warmth when wet.  Compared to other wool, it has a superior warmth-to-weight ratio, meaning it weighs less and warms more. For new spinners, merino is a great place to start if you are looking for a softer alternative to Corriedale or Romney while still sticking with a beginner fiber.  Despite its fine texture, it handles surprisingly well on a spinning wheel or drop spindle.

Because merino wool is a protein fiber, our selection of Acid Dyes work great for dyeing.  Be sure to check out the extensive line of Ashland Bay Solid Colored Merino Top we carry to get inspiration!

Our merino's reasonable price, exceptional softness, versatility, and compliance on the wheel make it a popular choice for the novice and veteran alike.