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Paradise Fibers Bamboo Fiber Collection

Bamboo Fiber is a relatively new fiber. The fiber is produced from bamboo pulp (like viscose pulp) which is obtained through a process of hydrolysis/alkalisation and bleaching of bamboo stems. The resulting pulp is wet spun in the same way as other pulp based fibers. The fiber is white and silky in appearance and is cool as a result of its high absorbency, due to the fiber being full of cavities. This fiber is soft to handle and can be used in blends with other fibers such as wool and cotton and silk. It also has the unique function of being antibacterial. We carry natural forms of bamboo as well as blends including bamboo and several different dyed shades.
Ashland Bay Merino/Bamboo/Silk Top (4oz bag)-Fiber-
Ashland Bay Merino/Bamboo/Silk Top

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