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Addi Turbo Rockets 32 inch Circular Knitting Needles

SKU: ATR-32-10.75
$8.50 $17.00

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US 10.75 - 7.00 mm

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Addi Turbo Rockets Knitting Needles are perfect for speedy knitters. The extra slick nickel-plating of the classic Addi Turbo needles, combined with the extra-long, sharp tips of the Addi lace needles make this the ideal choice for detailed and fine knitting at "Rocket" speed. You will find manipulating multiple stitches and sliding into snug stitches smoother and quicker than ever before. 

Receive lifetime warranty on your Addi knitting needles when purchased through Paradise Fibers. No hassle, just an easy exchange. 

Sizes listed in approximate US sizes -AND- exact metric sizes for your convenience. All addi® needles are manufactured to exact metric sizes.

80 cm in length