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Cuddle Monster Crochet Along Together Kits (Skacel CAT hosted by Amanda "Mandobug" Mannas)

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Join us for this year's Skacel Crochet Along Together with designer Amanda "Mandobug" Mannas featuring HiKoo® Caribou and Simplicity Yarn by Skacel. Beginning on Thursday, August 2nd, and running for four weeks (pattern segments released every Thursday at Noon EST), Amanda will introduce crocheters to the Cuddle Monster! Making use of HiKoo® Caribou and Simplicity, Cuddle Monster will help boost your skills in working with textural novelty yarns, customization, color changes, and seaming.

Paradise Fibers is offering these EXCLUSIVE pre-bundled kits that you can purchase with or without crochet hooks. Each kit will come with 2 balls of Caribou by HiKoo® and 3 skeins (2 in main color, 1 in contrasting color) of Simplicity by HiKoo®. We are also offering these kits paired with our Artisan crochet hooks, either in Ebony or Rosewood. Each Artisan hook kit will come with one 3.25mm (D) and one 4mm (G) hook. For this crochet along, you will also need some additional supplies that are not included in the kit:

  • Locking Stitch Marker
  • Tapestry Needle
  • Polyfill/stuffing
  • Extra scrap yarn for face details

Click here to go to the Cuddle Monster project page.

Click here to go to Skacel's Ravelry Group where host, Amanda, will be available to answer questions and where the Cuddle Monster CAT will be hosted online. There will be free video support, along with plenty of prize opportunities for participating crocheters.

Click here for additional CAT details and rules can be found on the Skacel website, with the first pattern segment becoming downloadable on August 2nd, 2018. 


In this Crochet Along Together, we will create a CUDDLE MONSTER!
What you will learn:
Working with novelty yarns
Opportunities for creativity and customization
Changing colors
Caribou by HiKoo® - 2 balls
Simplicity by HiKoo® - 2 hanks MC, 1 hank CC for Horns/Claws
Note: Caribou and Simplicity MC are worked together.
G 4.0mm Wood Hook
D 3.25mm Wood Hook (CAT recommends 3.0mm, but we preferred using a 3.25mm (D) instead)
Locking stitch marker
Scrap yarn for eye/mouth details
Tapestry needle