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Paradise Fibers Space Dyed Wool

SKU: SD1-4

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: Mars
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Our Space-Dyed range is dyed on 30-32mic merino wool. Space dyeing is a technique used to give wool a unique, multi-colored effect. Space dyed Wool is two or more different colors that typically repeat themselves throughout the length of the top. Space dyeing is sometimes referred to as dip dyeing. 100% Carded Merino Wool soft enough to wear against the skin. Perfect for felting, blending, or spinning as is. 

Taurus & Libra - Venus
Gemini & Aries - Mars
Scorpio (Phoenix) - Mars
Aquarius - Saturn
Capricorn (Hydra) - Saturn
Pisces (Aquila) - Neptune and Jupiter
Virgo - Mercury
Sagittarius (lynx) - Jupiter
Leo - Sun
Cancer (Orion) - Moon

Please Note: Colors may vary slightly from batch to batch due to the nature of natural fiber. We have taken every step to represent the colors correctly. Colors can change depending on your screen settings.