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Paradise Fibers Super Fine Merino/ Yak/ Mulberry Silk Blend - 50/25/25

SKU: MYS50/25/25-04

We have run out of stock for this item.

One of our favorite special luxury blends. 50% 18.5 micron Super Fine Merino, 25% Light Brown De-Haired Yak Top, & 25% A Grade Mulberry Silk Top. The natural color of this blend is a silvery grey. It is also beautiful Over-dyed.

What's in this blend:

50% 18.5 micron Super Fine Merino:

Super Fine! This 18.5mic Merino Top is silky smooth, you won't want to let it go! Our Merino is from South Africa (Cape) or South America depending on availability and is from non-mulsed sheep. Perfect for hand spinning, hand felting and many other craft uses.

  • Microns: 18.5mic
  • Fiber Length: 75-80mm
  • Top'Roving Length: 4 meters per 100g
  • Top/Roving Width: 1 inch

25% Light Brown De-Haired Yak Top

Love this Light Brown! Luxurious superfine fiber, perfect for making something a little bit special. The fiber is naturally brown to fawn in color. Lighter colors than this must be produced by bleaching the fiber, which is a little detrimental to its handle. The soft fine under hair is the desirable element of this animal’s coat and is removed commercially by de-hairing, which separates the soft under hair from the coarse outer hair, known as guard-hair. The fiber has never really appeared in full scale production of any substance. We are not sure why, but it is maybe to do with the fibers positioning, in relation to other fibers. Or maybe the name! This should not deter from experimenting with this fiber, which is, in our opinion undervalued.

  • Fiber: Yak
  • Microns: 17-19 microns

25% A Grade Mulberry Silk Top:

Special Silk! High quality silk, suitable for paper-making, spinning or adding to felt projects. 

Mulberry Silk is also known as Bombyx silk or Cultivated Silk. The best quality silk you can buy. It is produced from the silk worms of the Bombyx Mori Moth. Their diet consists of Mulberry leaves. Mulberry silk is produced in a controlled warm environment.

  • Fiber: A Grade Mulberry Silk