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SpinOlution Modular Flyer Heads


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SpinOlution Modular Flyer Heads - 4 oz is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

NOTE: Please note what style wheel you have on your order!

SpinOlution's Modular Flyer Heads allow you to design how and what you want to spin. They are also interchangeable between different wheel bases (not including the 12oz flyer head or Pollywog wheel), allowing you to have one head you can use on a "Home" base (Monarch & Echo models), then pop it on to your "On-the-Go" base (Firefly & Hopper models) with ease to take it along with you.

Click HERE to see stand-alone bases that can be purchased separately.

All SpinOlution products are built to order and then shipped directly to you. Standard delivery time is 4-6 weeks.

SpinOlution Flyers come standard with the most efficient whorl on the market, the Golden Whorl, promising 30% energy savings while treadling. The open hook orifice allows you to spin bulky, ply creative, or add embellishments. A tube orifice accessory is also available to add to any flyer head if you prefer spinning with a closed orifice.

One of our favorite features of the SpinOlution wheel collection is the Magnetic Hook Orifice & Bobbins. Set-up is easy & you'll be spinning in no time!

Which Flyer Head Fits My Wheel?

  • Pollywog: 4, 4A & 12oz
  • Hopper: 8, 16, 32oz
  • Echo: 4A, 8, 16, 32
  • Monarch & Firefly: 4A, 8, 16, 32, 64


  • Modular Flyer Head with Handle
  • 1 corresponding size Magnetic Bobbin
  • Wood: Baltic Birch
  • Finish: Lacquered

    4oz flyer heads are for spinning fine & short staple length fibers. Due to the small orifice & bobbin, 4oz flyers are not recommended for bulkier yarns. Compatible with the Echo wheel. Click HERE to see the 4oz Ratio Guide.

    4A oz flyer is compatible with the Echo, Monarch & Firefly wheels.

    4A Ratios (Highest in the industry)

    • Pollywog - Up to 1:33
    • Echo - Up to 1:40
    • Monarch - Up to 1:53
    • Firefly - Up to 3200 RPM

    8oz flyers are similar to most standard size bobbins. Many spinners find this size ideal for spinning & plying a wide variety of yarns. If bulky spinning is more of your style, you may find this size limiting. The 8oz flyer head is compatible with the Echo, Hopper, Monarch & Firefly wheels. Click HERE to see the 8oz Ratio Guide.

    12oz flyer head is exclusive to the Pollywog wheel only as an upgrade from the standard 4oz that comes with the wheel. Click HERE to see the 12oz Ratio Guide.

    16oz flyers are an excellent starting point for spinners who like to spin bulkier yarns. It's large enough for art yarns, and small enough to spin a wide variety of other weights. The 16oz flyer head is compatible with the Echo, Hopper, Monarch & Firefly wheels. Click HERE to see the 16oz Ratio Guide.

    32oz flyers is perfect for production art & bulky yarn spinners. The size allows for a large amount of yardage for bigger projects or leaves room for plying big skeins.The 32oz flyer head is compatible with the Echo, Hopper, Monarch & Firefly wheels. Click HERE to see the 32oz Ratio Guide.

    Exclusive to SpinOlution, the 64oz flyer head holds the biggest bobbin size in the industry! Expert production spinners find this size optimal for spinning single-ply. bulky weight yarns. Each flyer head is crafted and balanced by hand. The 64oz flyer head is compatible with the Monarch & Firefly wheels. Largest whorl size is recommended, giving this a ratio of 1:6. Includes both the Hook and Tube orifice bars.

    *Please note: The 64oz Flyer size was engineered specifically for the Firefly & is recommended for use on the Firefly. It can fit & be used on the Monarch; however, is very heavy to treadle & is not as ergonomic on the Monarch as on the Firefly.


    Warning: The lacquer finish Spinolution uses on their wheels contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. California law requires this warning to be given to all customers in the State of California.