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Sticker Sheets

SKU: SSH-220
$3.25 $5.00
Bee our Valentine
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Share your love of the fiber arts with our high quality, themed, sticker sheets! Originally featured in our monthly Fiber Club Box. Decorate your belongings with waterproof and weatherproof vinyl stickers. These stickers have a smooth matte finish and can be applied to cars, laptops, phones, water bottles, and more! Check out the other sticker variations of our sheep logo, Ewenice, by clicking here.

Size: 4" x 6" 
Material: Vinyl
Each sheet consists of multiple stickers that peel off the backing.

Bee our Valentine was designed to be paired with our new Tweed Fiber Blends, The Sweetheart Tweed Collection featured in our candy heart-themed February 2020 FIber Club Box.

Visit to see unboxings of our Fiber Club, filled with all sorts of fiber treats!