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Paradise Fibers 28/2 Undyed Silk Throwster Yarn


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Silk lace spun from thrown silk. This yarn has the sheen typical of silk yarn, while being more lightweight and fluffy. This silk has been bleached, so it is much more of a bright white than many natural white silk yarns. This bright white makes it wonderful for dyers! Please note color may vary slightly in between batches.

Yarn details:

Weight: 0 / Lace

Count: 28/2's NM

Unit weight: approximately 3.5 oz / 100 g

Yardage: 1400 per 100 grams

Fiber content: 100% Throwster Silk

Texture: 2 Ply

Put up: Twisted Hank

Country of origin: India

Care: Turn the garment inside out, or place it in a laundry bag, or both. Machine wash with a very mild detergent and no brighteners or bleach of any kind. Hang or lay flat to dry.


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