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Recycled Sari Silk Yarn

: Multi

We have run out of stock for this item.

Our 100% recycled Sari silk yarn is available in a variety of solid and multi-color arrangements. Due to the production process, no two skeins are exactly alike. Pictured are several examples of the color variation between each skein. If you would like a specific color range please leave an order note and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

This yarn is wonderful for knit/crochet purses, scarves, hats, and bags. Use this yarn in weaving projects to produce high-quality beautiful rugs and tapestries. This yarn has many craft uses and is a favorite among our community. Recycled silk yarn is the by-product of colorful saris that women wear in South Asia. It is the loose ends of saris collected from industrial mills in India that is hand spun into yarn in Nepal. The vibrant colors and unique texture of these silk fibers and silk yarn are inspirational to designers, knitters, and artisans.

The popularity of recycled silk yarn has extended beyond Nepal and India and has created an empowering cottage industry primarily benefiting women. This yarn is made of completely recycled Sari material from recycled clothing in Nepal. It is as green a fiber as you can get. We work with women's development groups in Nepal to produce this unique yarn and other hand knit silk yarn products. Purchasing this yarn provides additional income for the families in Nepal to support and improve their lives.

Approximately 100g/70yds per skein.

**Note: The white skeins vary in color
We recommend washing the dyed skeins before working with them as the colors may bleed.***