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So You Need A Drive Band For Your Wheel?

     The purpose of these instructions are to help you select, purchase and install the proper drive band for your wheel.  These instructions are general and it is our intent to give all spinners help to get what is needed regardless of the wheel being worked on. We will start by identifying the three different types of drive bands.

     Single drive  configuration can use either a stretchy polyurethane or a string type drive band.  Double drive configuration typically uses a string. We will start by determining the length of the drive band.

     Adjust the wheel for the shortest distance between the wheel and the flyer.  For a poly style band measure the distance around the wheel and the largest whorl on the flyer.  If you only have one speed then that’s the only one you can use.  You will want to take that distance to the next larger foot (i.e. if you measure 55 inches you would want six feet) and order that amount. For a single drive cord be sure that you get the number of feet that gives you at least 6 inches more than you measured.

   For double drive you want the wheel adjusted as above.  Install the bobbin with the small whorl next to the flyer whorl.  Now hold some string at the top of the bobbin whorl and wrap it around the wheel.  Now run the string over the middle, smaller (for two speed) or only (for one speed) whorl and go around the wheel again and bring it back to your starting point. Hold your starting point of the string and pull it six inches or so toward you.  Now you want to see where the start point lines up on the second wrap of the string.  Pull the string off being careful not to lose the position where the string and starting point meet.  Measure the length and you know how much you need.  Order at least 6 extra inches (i.e. if you measure 65 inches order 6 feet, if you measure 70 inches order 7 feet).

    Now you should be able to purchase the right amount and type of drive band you need.  Watch our video below on how to join the ends of the poly band.  Good luck and feel free to email us if you get have trouble.

Thank You,

Bill, in the shop