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Spinning Wheels

We make purchasing your spinning wheel easy.  Spinning should be fun and enjoyable and making sure you get the correct one that fits you is our job.   Please email us at if you have any questions.
Ashford Kiwi 3-Spinning Wheel-Unfinished-
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Ashford Kiwi 3

52 reviews
From $549.00
Ashford Electric Spinner 3-Spinning Wheel-
3 in stock
Ashford Electric Spinner 3

51 reviews
Lendrum DTC Folding Spinning Wheel- Complete Double Treadle-Spinning Wheel-
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Ashford Electric Spinner - Super Jumbo-Spinning Wheel-
1 in stock
Ashford Electric Spinner - Super Jumbo

11 reviews
Kromski Minstrel Spinning Wheel-Spinning Wheel-Walnut-
Kromski Minstrel Spinning Wheel

6 reviews
From $879.00
SpinOlution Pollywog Spinning Wheels-Spinning Wheel-Standard-
New in
SpinOlution Pollywog Spinning Wheels

9 reviews
From $485.00
Ashford Joy 2 Spinning Wheel-Spinning Wheel-Single Treadle-
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Ashford Joy 2 Spinning Wheel

11 reviews
From $900.00
Paradise Fibers Revolution Spinning Wheel Complete Package
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Kromski Fantasia Spinning Wheel-Spinning Wheel-Clear Finish-
3 in stock
Kromski Fantasia Spinning Wheel

8 reviews
From $629.00
Schacht Ladybug Spinning Wheel-Spinning Wheel-
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Schacht Ladybug Spinning Wheel

11 reviews
Louet S17 Spinning Wheel - Unfinished-Spinning Wheel-
1 in stock
Louet S17 Spinning Wheel - Unfinished

3 reviews
Kromski Sonata Spinning Wheel-Spinning Wheel-Mahogany-
Kromski Sonata Spinning Wheel

7 reviews
From $925.00
Ashford Traditional Spinning Wheel-Spinning Wheel-Double Drive Laquered-
Sold Out
Ashford Traditional Spinning Wheel

5 reviews
From $705.00
Kromski Symphony Spinning Wheel-Spinning Wheel-Unfinished-
Kromski Symphony Spinning Wheel

6 reviews
From $989.00
Kromski Prelude Spinning Wheel-Spinning Wheel-Clear-
Kromski Prelude Spinning Wheel

4 reviews
From $645.00
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Ashford Country Spinner 2 Spinning Wheel

2 reviews
From $799.00
SpinOlution Echo Spinning Wheels-Spinning Wheel-Wheel & 4 oz Flyer-None-
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SpinOlution Echo Spinning Wheels

1 review
From $760.00
Schacht SIDEKICK Folding Spinning Wheels-Spinning Wheel-Complete-
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Schacht SIDEKICK Folding Spinning Wheels

4 reviews
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