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Fiber Processing Tools

We have the wool tools to process your own wool or alpaca at home! Build your home spinning fiber processing setup for processing from raw fleece from your own animals easily with the right tools. If you just need to blend some fibers together we have a great selection of wool hand cards and drum carders to combine any spinning fiber or roving into exactly the the fiber combination you need for your craft project. Make sure to checkout our wool combs that we make here in our wood shop! They are some of the nicest on the market and reasonably priced with the highest quality stainless steel tines to last a lifetime of wool combing. Call or email anytime for help picking out the right fiber processing tools, we know our fiber (509) 536-7746.
Ashford Double Treadle Kits-Spinning Wheel Accessory-Elizabeth-
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Ashford Double Treadle Kit

3 reviews
Paradise Fibers Blending Board - Large
Paradise Fibers Blending Board - Large

59 reviews
Paradise Fibers Double Row Wool Combs
Double Row Wool Combs

106 reviews
From $140.00
Ashford Kiwi 3-Spinning Wheel-Unfinished-
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Ashford Kiwi 3

52 reviews
From $549.00
Ashford Weaving Starter Kits, Brights and Monichrome.
2 in stock
Ashford Weaving Starter Kits

1 review
Paradise Fibers Double Row Combing Hackles
Double Row Combing Hackles

27 reviews
From $130.00
Paradise Fibers Single Row Blending Hackles
Single Row Blending Hackles

25 reviews
From $100.00
Paradise Fibers Blending Board - Small
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Paradise Fibers Blending Board - Small

59 reviews
From $150.00 $170.00
Ashford Hand Carders-Hand Carders-Classic Standard 72dpi (Wool)-
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Ashford Hand Carders

25 reviews
From $75.50
Paradise Fibers Mini Carder/Blending Brush
3 in stock
Ashford Blending Board-Blending Board-
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Ashford Blending Board

23 reviews
Ashford Electric Spinner - Super Jumbo-Spinning Wheel-
1 in stock
Ashford Electric Spinner - Super Jumbo

11 reviews
Paradise Fibers Raw Fleece - 1LB-Fiber-Natural Light Ecru Shetland Cross-
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Paradise Fibers Raw Fleece - 1LB

1 review
Ashford Drum Carder - Course
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Ashford Drum Carders

8 reviews
From $699.00
Unicorn Fibre Cleaners-Fiber Accessory-Fibre Wash-0.7oz-
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Unicorn Fibre Cleaners

18 reviews
From $1.64
Paradise Fibers Comb Holder
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Paradise Fibers Comb Holder

19 reviews
From $35.99
Ashford Wild Drum Carder-Drum Carder-
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Ashford Wild Drum Carder

4 reviews
Paradise Fibers Hand Carders
1 in stock
Paradise Fibers Hand Carders

9 reviews
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