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HiKoo CoBaSi Fingering

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1 Sock, 2 Sock, Red Sock, Blue Sock Kit-Kits-VavavaVoom Red/Seafoam-
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CoBaSi Multi, a multi-color sock yarn in the colors The Pansies, Slated, Seattle Sound, & Wave Caps.
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HiKoo CoBaSi Fingering - Multi

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6 men wearing Socks Appeal Knitted Shorts while holding 1 woman also wearing the shorts.
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HiKoo "Socks" Appeal Shorts Kit

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CoBaSi Tonal in the colors Raffi Tonal, Curacao Tonal, Red Hat Tonal, & Raspberry Tonal.
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Undyed CoBaSi sock / fingering yarn shown in 100 and 5 gram skeins.
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HiKoo CoBaSi Fingering - Undyed

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002 Black - A deep black with small flecks of white silk