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Hand Carders, Drum Carders, Flick Carders, and Carding Accessories for all of your Fiber Processing needs. 54, 72, 90, 120, 190 TPI available for fine, medium, and coarse textured fiber. Your favorite Fiber Processing tools from Paradise Fibers, Ashford, Louet, and Schacht. Take your carding and blending to the next level with our variety of high quality and versatily carders.
Ashford Hand Carders-Hand Carders-Classic Standard 72dpi (Wool)-
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Ashford Hand Carders

25 reviews
From $75.50
Paradise Fibers Hand Carders
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Paradise Fibers Hand Carders

9 reviews
Kromski Hand Carders-Hand Carders-72 TPI-Unfinished-
Kromski Hand Carders

16 reviews
From $90.00
Ashford Flick Carder-Flick Carder-
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Ashford Flick Carder

4 reviews
Ashford Small Hand Carders-Hand Carders-72tpi-
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Ashford Small Hand Carders

6 reviews
From $59.00
Ashford Wide Drum Carder-Drum Carder-
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Ashford Wide Drum Carder

19 reviews
Schacht Hand Carders-Hand Carders-Curved-72 TPI (Medium)-
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Schacht Hand Carders

1 review
From $95.00
Ashford Drum Carder - Course
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Ashford Drum Carders

8 reviews
From $699.00
A set of Ashford Cotton Fine Hand Carders
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Ashford Cotton Fine Hand Carders

3 reviews
Paradise Fibers Flick Carder
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Paradise Fibers Flick Carder

2 reviews
Ashford Wild Drum Carder-Drum Carder-
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Ashford Wild Drum Carder

4 reviews
Schacht Mini Curved Hand Carders-Hand Carders-
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Schacht Mini Curved Hand Carders

1 review
Schacht Flick Carder-Flick Carder-
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Schacht Flick Carder

1 review
Louet Flicker-Flick Carder-
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Louet Cotton Hand Cards - Extra Fine Cloth-Hand Carders-
Louet Classic Drum Carder - Fine 46 TPI-Drum Carder-
Standard Drum Carder - Fine 46 TPI

1 review
Louet Roving Carder (Extra Fine 72 TPI) Standard-Drum Carder-
Junior Carder - Extra Fine 72 TPI

1 review
LeClerc Hand Carders-Hand Carders-Normal-
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