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Paradise Fibers Revolution Spinning Wheel Complete Package

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The Paradise Fibers Revolution Spinning Wheel is ideal for beginners and advanced spinners. The Complete Package includes a 3 Post Lazy Kate, as well as a Jumbo Flyer, and Bobbin for larger amounts of yarn, plying, or even some of the most ambitious novelty yarns. The versatility of this Exclusive wheel allows the spinner to choose from scotch tension, double drive, and bobbin led styles for a comfortable and convenient spinning experience. A thoughtfully detailed and thorough design process has led to the Revolution. Perfecting the features of other wheels on the market to become a dependable tool perfect for any spinner wanting to confidently spin smooth, even yarn with ease.

We pride ourselves on the quality and attention put into our Paradise Fibers Fiber tools. They're beautifully built, paying attention to detail and durability. Click Here to see our full line of Woodshop Products.

The Revolution spins any way you like including: Single Drive(Scotch Tension), Double Drive, and Bobbin Led.

Revolution Package Includes:

  • Paradise Fibers Spinning Wheel with Standard Ratios: 6.5, 8.5 & 13:1
  • 3 Standard Bobbins, Drive Bands, Orifice Hook, and Revolution Tips/Setup DVD
  • Jumbo Flyer and 1 bobbin
  • 3 Post Lazy Kate
  • Fiber Bundle 
  • One Box and professionally cut packaging material. Keep them for a minimum of 2 weeks. 

Product details:

Standard Bobbin Dimensions: 5" by 3 1/4". The core is 7/8" in diameter.

Footprint: 20" by 16"

Wheel weight: 19 lbs.

Videos & Guides

This video will help you with the assembly of your new wheel:


Make sure you watch our videos on YouTube about the Revolution, you have to see this wheel in action to believe it!