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Weaving Accessories

Ashford Weaving Starter Kits, Brights and Monichrome.
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Ashford Weaving Starter Kits

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Ashford Cardboard Warping Sticks-Weaving Accessory-22.5cm/9" (fits 25cm/8" Ashford SampleIT Loom)-
Ashford Cardboard Warping Sticks

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Schacht Baby Wolf Double Back Beam FL3071-Loom Accessory-
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Louet Erica Table Looms-Looms-30cm (12")-2 Harnesses-
Louet Erica Table Loom

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Paradise Fibers Undyed Silk Yarn 20/2-Yarn-
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Paradise Fibers Undyed Silk Yarn 20/2

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Bockens Line Linen Yarn - 16/2 - 750yds

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Brown Sheep Nature Spun Cones - Sport-Weaving Cones-Burnt Sienna 101-
Brown Sheep Nature Spun Cones - Sport

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Ashford 4 and 8 shaft Table Loom Stands (with optional treadle kit)-Loom Accessory-16" Table Loom-Without Treadle Kit-
Brown Sheep Nature Spun Cones - Fingering-Weaving Cones-Burnt Sienna 101-
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Ashford SampleIT Loom Reeds-Loom Accessory-8" (20cm)-2.5 dpi-
Ashford SampleIT Loom 10" Reeds

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Ashford Stainless Steel Table Loom Reeds-Loom Accessory-Katie Loom 12" (30cm)-6dpi (24/10cm)-
Ashford Stainless Steel Table Loom Reeds

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Ashford Wavy Shuttles-Weaving Accessory-16" (40cm)-
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Ashford Wavy Shuttles

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Ashford Pickup Sticks-Weaving Accessory-10" SampleIt Loom (27.7cm)-
Ashford Pickup Sticks

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Louet Stainless Steel Reeds-Loom Accessory-15.5" (40cm)-6 Dent-
Louet Stainless Steel Reeds

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Brown Sheep Weavers Wool Warp - 8oz. Cone-Weaving Cones-
Kromski Warping Sticks-Weaving Accessory-8"-
Kromski Warping Sticks

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Kromski Stick Shuttles-Weaving Accessory-4"-
Kromski Stick Shuttles

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Ashford Reed and Heddle Hook-Weaving Accessory-
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Ashford Reed and Heddle Hook

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