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Cellulose Fibers and Blends

Paradise Fibers Cellulose Fibers and Blends

Cellulose Fiber is a classification of natural fibers from various plants including: Bamboo, Rose, Tencel, Hemp, and Cotton. The plants are processed into a pulp and then extruded in the same way synthetic fibers like polyester or nylon are made. These fibers require a different dye than protein fibers. You will need a chemical reactive dye to achieve vibrant colors. Natural Fibers have been used for centuries because of their natural properties and sustainability. Need help choosing which fiber to get for your project? Get in touch with us, we know our cellulose fibers!

Gems of Paradise Micro-blends-Fiber-Opal-4oz-
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Gems of Paradise Micro-blends

76 reviews
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4 shades of Bambino. Blends of Bamboo and Merino Spinning Fiber. One pink, blue, green and red.
Merino Wool and Bamboo Blends - Bambino

31 reviews
From $13.00
Ashland Bay Dyed Bamboo Top Fiber-Fiber-4oz-Aegean Blue-
Ashland Bay Dyed Bamboo Top Fiber

53 reviews
Paradise Fibers White Egyptian Cotton Top-Fiber-4oz-
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White Egyptian Cotton Top

20 reviews
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Pineapple Fiber Top-Fiber-2 oz-
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Pineapple Fiber Top

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undyed viscose bamboo top roving fiber
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Undyed Bamboo Top

11 reviews
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Color Stem, Pillow, Lilac, and Marine Dyed Flax Spinning Fiber Top.
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Dyed Flax/Linen Top

11 reviews
From $4.50
Naturally white undyed ramie fiber top
Ramie Vegetable Fiber Roving

7 reviews
From $3.00
Paradise Fibers Banana Top-Fiber-4oz-
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Paradise Fibers Banana Top

2 reviews
From $16.00
Paradise Fibers Superfine Merino/Soybean/Silk/Angelina Micro Blend - Golden Lime-Fiber-4oz-
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A sample of cotton nepp fibers
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Cotton Nepps

7 reviews
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Paradise Fibers Minty Merino - 50/50 Mint Cellulose and 18.5mic Super Fine Merino Top Micro Blend-Fiber-4 oz-
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Paradise Fibers Bamboo Staple Fiber-Fiber-8oz-
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A ball of white undyed rose spinning fiber top.
Rose Fiber Top

35 reviews
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Paradise Fibers Micro Blend- Quartz Rose-Fiber-4oz-
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Paradise Fibers Micro Blend- Quartz Rose

46 reviews
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natural undyed flax linen top roving
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Paradise Fibers Undyed Flax/Linen Tops

9 reviews
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A ball of yellowish white Seacell Top
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Paradise Fibers Seacell Top

8 reviews
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Precious Pearl Infused Cellulose Fiber-Fiber-4oz-
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Precious Pearl Infused Cellulose Fiber

8 reviews
From $16.00
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