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Weaving Warping Sticks

Ashford Cardboard Warping Sticks-Weaving Accessory-22.5cm/9" (fits 25cm/8" Ashford SampleIT Loom)-
Ashford Cardboard Warping Sticks

41 reviews
From $5.00
Kromski Warping Sticks-Weaving Accessory-8"-
4 in stock
Kromski Warping Sticks

13 reviews
From $22.00
Ashford Cross/Warp Sticks for Katie Table Loom-Weaving Accessory-12" (30cm)-
Ashford Cross/Warp Sticks for Loom

5 reviews
From $12.50
LeClerc Wooden Warp Sticks

1 review
From $26.00
Ashford Jack Loom Wooden Warp Sticks-Loom Accessory-
2 in stock