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Gifts for Weavers

Looking for a gift for a weaver in your life? Look no further! If you have any questions about any of these items please contact us. If you aren't sure what to get, you can't go wrong with a gift card!
Paradise Fibers Gift Card-Gift Card-25-
Paradise Fibers Gift Card

48 reviews
From $10.00
Cones of Ashford Yoga Yarn in various colors
Ashford Yoga Yarn

38 reviews
Ashford Rigid Heddle Looms-Table Looms-32in-
Ashford Rigid Heddle Looms

121 reviews
From $275.00
NEW 2020 Ashford rigid heddle loom stand - on size fits all - 16" 24" 32"
1 in stock
Ashford Rigid Heddle Loom Stand

70 reviews
From $199.00
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Paradise Fibers Space Dyed Wool

48 reviews
From $17.00
Brown Sheep Burly Spun Yarn - Solid Colors-Yarn-Grey Heather BS03-
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Brown Sheep Burly Spun Yarn - Solid Colors

9 reviews
Bockens Line Linen Yarn - 16/2 - 750yds

10 reviews
Brown Sheep Nature Spun Cones - Sport-Weaving Cones-Burnt Sienna 101-
Brown Sheep Nature Spun Cones - Sport

12 reviews
Ashford Wavy Shuttles-Weaving Accessory-16" (40cm)-
New in
Ashford Wavy Shuttles

27 reviews
From $20.00
Brown Sheep Nature Spun Cones - Fingering-Weaving Cones-Burnt Sienna 101-
2 in stock
A ball of Berroco Aerial Lace Yarn in a dusty rose colorway called Tea Rose 3411.
Berroco Aerial Lace

11 reviews
LeClerc Fringe Twisters-Fringe Twister-Double-
LeClerc Fringe Twister

21 reviews
From $18.00
Ashford SampleIT Loom - 10 inch-Table Looms-Without Stand-10inch-
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Ashford SampleIT Loom - 10 inch

37 reviews
From $185.00
Paradise Fibers Undyed Silk Yarn 20/2-Yarn-
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Paradise Fibers Undyed Silk Yarn 20/2

13 reviews
Ashford Hand Woven Tea Towel Kit-Kits-Royal Coral - White YY301, Coral YY348, Royal Blue YY346-
Ashford Hand Woven Tea Towel Kit

11 reviews
Paradise Fibers Mixed Merino Wool Bag - Lucky Dip (Mystery Surprise!)-Fiber-
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Ashford Knitters Loom-Looms-12 Inches-With Carrying Bag-
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Ashford Knitters Loom

23 reviews
From $359.00
Ashford Inkle and Inklette Looms-Table Looms-Inkle Loom- 2.8m (110")-
3 in stock
Ashford Inkle and Inklette Looms

26 reviews
From $69.00
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