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A Song of Wool and Silk - He Who Knows Nothing


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A luxurious blend fit for the ruler of the 7 kingdoms. Our song of wool and silk fiber blends will add depth and interest to any fiber art project. Stark shades of black dance with strands of mulberry silk in our Jon Snow Inspired fiber blend, He Who Knows Nothing. This roving has vertical stripes of various shades of black in order to create a tonal blended top. Suitable for hand spinning a one of a kind yarn!
  • 21.5 micron Dyed Merino Wool Top and Grade A. Mulberry Silk 75/25
  • Multi Color Blended Top.
  • This Merino blend is ideal for hand spinning, weaving, wet and needle felting, and so much more! 
  • Garments to be hand washed in cold water with little to no agitation - recommended.
  • This fiber will produce a lovely worsted yarn with beautiful sheen and drape. 
  • Great for beginner and advanced spinners alike. Try plying this fiber with a contrasting color of our Solid Color Merino Wool Roving to create a unique yarn. Use this fiber on a blending board or hand cards to create one of a kind rolags for hand spinning.

Our He Who Knows Nothing blend was Featured in our May 2019 Fiber of the Month Club along with the rest of the "A Song of Wool and Silk" Blends: Mother of Dragons, Not Today, and Blue Eyes. 


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