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addiExpress Book - The Essential Guide to Machine Knitting

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There are several useful tips in this book, even if you think you know how to use your Addi Knitting Machine pretty well. Probably the most important tips we found useful, were how to use two threads, at the same time.

Unravel the joy of making with the addiExpress Kingsize! This hand powered circular knitting machine has revolutionized the craft world. Whether you knit, crochet, or neither, you can create finished garments within a day. This 30 pattern collection includes projects for Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced hobbyists which act as stepping stones to progressive skill building. Step-by-step instructions for each technique are included, making this a perfect stand-alone addition to your collection. With the inclusion of hand-skills like knitting, crochet and seaming, you’ll soon find out why this is The Essential Guide to Machine Knitting with the addiExpress Kingsize.