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Ashford Joy Sliding Hook Flyer Kit

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Fill your bobbins evenly with a beautifully made lacquered sliding hook flyer designed to fit the Ashford Joy Spinning Wheel. This modern flyer will even fit older Joys but it will not fit in the frame when folding older Joy Spinning Wheels. This sliding hook flyer kit includes 1 standard lacquered bobbin, a nylon brake band, 2 tension springs with 1 closed cup hook, and a replacement top shaft in case your new flyer does not thread easily or fully into the current top shaft (for older joy wheels). Graphite fiberglass arms make this flyer light and strong. Plus, the new and improved sliding hook flyer bobbins hold up to 30% more yarn.

To help celebrate our 75th Jubilee we have upgraded both the single & double treadle Joys to include a sliding hook flyer as standard with 3 x 90mm larger bobbins.
Due to the larger bobbins, the treadle may not fold completely with these bobbins stored in previous models.