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Ashland Bay Merino Wool 19.5 Micron (8 oz bag)

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The Merino breed was developed by Spanish Royalty from breeding the finest of Spain’s sheep with the sheep from North Africa. The result was the finest wool ever produced. To this day, Merino is foundation stock for many other fine wools and Merino types. Staple length 2.75 inches, 70mm, micron 19.5

A micron count is the measurement used to express the diameter of individual fibers. The lower the microns the finer the fiber. Merino wool is generally less than 24 micron in diameter. Basic merino types, all of which are offered at Paradise Fibers, include: Strong (broad) wool with a 23-24.5 micron count, medium wool with a 19.5-22 Micron count, Fine wool with an 18.5-19.5 Micron Count, Superfine with a 15-18.5 Micron Count, and Ultrafine with an 11.5-15 Micron Count. All of which are high demand fibers for their properties and durability. Suitable for blending, dyeing, weaving, spinning, and felting.