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Ashland Bay Shetland Wool Roving - Moorit

SKU: AB672-04
: Moorit - 4oz

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This Ashland Bay Shetland comes straight from the Shetland Islands. The authentic fiber is produced from a collective of some 700 farms across the islands. The collected wool is sent to a mill to be sorted, scoured, and processed into a roving that is superb. The small scale wool production has been in business for hundreds of years.  The years of experience can definitely be seen in the quality of the Shetland.  The staple length mixed with the wearable soft nature of this Shetland makes it ideal for any type of spinner, from beginner to advanced. The fiber will take dye remarkably well and reward you with true coloring. This is Top Quality sourced fiber consisting of the finer coat of the Shetland Breed. The individual fibers have a nice wavy crimp and produce a lofty warm buttery soft yarn. Enjoy our selection of various natural colors of Shetland Wool and save the more you buy!

4-6 Inch Staple Length

26 Microns