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Ashland Bay Targhee Top

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Targhee is a domestically grown, super soft, and springy wool that is processed in the United States. 23 micron count with a 3-5 inch staple length, this supple and strong fiber is a true delight to spin, dye, weave, and felt! You won't find a fiber anywhere else that compares to the quality of this undyed carded roving top that feels huggably soft against the skin. 

Fiber details:

Micron Count: 23
Staple Length: 3-5 Inches.

The Targhee breed was developed at the Experimental Sheep Station in Dubois, Idaho in the mid-1900’s.  The foundation stock were ewes of Rambouillet, Corriedale, and Lincoln bloodlines bred back to Rambouillet rams. 

HISTORY: Targhee were the second breed of sheep developed by USDA. The goal of the breeding program was to develop sheep that were suited for the Western United States range lands. Earlier attempts to produce such a sheep resulted in the Columbia, but it was felt that a sheep with finer wool than the Columbia could be produced. So the station started with a foundation stock of Rambouillet, Lincoln, and Corriedale crossbred ewes that were bred back to Rambouillet Rams. The Targhee sheep was born. Distinguishing Characteristics: Targhee are a very hardy large sheep, bred to survive on the open range. They are hornless with white faces, white wool and heavy fleeces. They are great mothers and have a high percentage of twins. The ideal body confirmation of a Targhee is thick, deep-bodied and free from skin folds. Ashland Bay Targhee wool has been purchased from ranches in Western US ensuring that the wool is breed specific and helping sustain a market for these American wool producers. This is a truly 100% product of the US. Fleece Facts: Targhee wool has excellent next to skin comfort. The wool is white in color and takes dye well. The yarn produced from Targhee wool is soft with excellent elasticity and a silky feel. The fabric is lively, supple, elegant and strong enough to stand up to everyday wear.