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Biodegradable Rose and Nylon Blends - Eco Soul

: Milkweed

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New lab-tested fiber has blossomed that biodegrades in a fraction of the time of other synthetic fibers. This new and exciting ultra-soft nylon fiber is called Bio Nylon and makes up 85% of our newest blends, Eco Soul, with the remaining 15% consisting of undyed rose fiber. Rose fiber is a regenerated cellulose fiber produced in a similar way as that of viscose or rayon fibers but from the pulp of rose bushes. This blend biodegrades in less time than cotton - 6 weeks vs 11 weeks in landfill conditions.

These eco-friendly and sustainable blends are beautiful when spun from the fold or carded into rolags for a fluffier yarn. The fibers produce a cool-to-the-touch yarn with a lovely drape and slight luster. Suitable for garments, accessories, and more! Collect all 5 nature-inspired blends today!

Fiber Details:

Fiber content: 85% BIO NYLON (biodegradable nylon also known as Amni Soul Eco®) and 15% Viscose Rose Cellulose

Micron count: 23

Staple length: 3-4 inches

Preparation: commercial top

Feltable: no

Origin: Europe

This fiber is manufactured by recycling processed water.

Please note: we've done our best to accurately represent the color of this fiber but the tone and saturation can vary from screen to screen.

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This fiber was featured in our May 2021 Fiber of The Month Club package.

Did you know? The chemical structure of traditional synthetic fibers, generally speaking, does not allow for bacterial penetration, which makes the degradation process more complex and slower! BIO NYLON and ECO SOUL, on the other hand, are produced using an enhanced polyamide 6.6 formula, which - under landfill conditions - facilitates access and digestion of waste material by bacteria, thus accelerating the biodegradation process. A process that lasts 5 years compared to 50 years with other synthetic fibers!

After landfilling, the fibers are turned into organic matter (biomass) and biogas which can become new resources for the environment, as well as being used for combined heat and power production. The biodegradation properties of BIO NYLON and ECO SOUL become apparent only and exclusively under landfill conditions, where there is no oxygen and bacteria specifically in charge of anaerobic decomposition are found. Therefore you don’t have to worry about these fibers decomposing after standard use in garments. In alternate conditions, this fiber's life-cycle is the same as that of traditional polyamide fibers.

Craft assured that BIO NYLON and ECO SOUL are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class 1 certified, to guarantee the absence of toxic substances which could harm the health of adults, children, and babies. Oeko-Tex is the independent control and certification system which certifies the safety of textile products for human use.