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Boye Jumbo Plastic Crochet Hook

SKU: BY6232/S
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Boye Jumbo Plastic Crochet Hooks are ergonomically designed with flexible, hypoallergenic, ABS plastic with a unique Tapered Throat Design, perfect for use with Super Bulky and Jumbo Yarn. The smooth rounded head and tapered design allow you to catch yarn with less effort and splitting while crafting your extra large crochet projects. Crochet Super Bulky and large projects with ease when you use your Jumbo plastic crochet hook that stays warm to the touch for comfortable and efficient crafting.

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Product details:

Material: flexible, hypoallergenic, ABS plastic that stays warm to the touch

Features: Tapered Throat Design, Rounded Head

Weight: 27g

Dimensions: 0.94 x 2.01 x 9.13 Inches