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Carding Cloth 2 Inch Wide

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This High quality 2 inch wide Carding Cloth is  sold by the inch and available in 54, 72, 90, 120, and 190 TPI for replacing cloth for drum carders, blending boards, and fiber processing tools. Take your fiber processing to the next level by carding batts and rolags from various fibers including Silk, Alpaca, and Merino. Specially designed using raw materials sourced in Europe, this carding cloth is the perfect upgrade for your carders.

This carding cloth is created with an automated stitching system, specially designed to block the production in case of defects and maintain quality control.  Every 1.2 cm single point of the flexible card clothing is tested for high quality performance. Choose our top quality carding cloth for your carders.

Sold by the Inch:

Choose your desired TPI and specified length/quantity for your carding cloth and we will cut your order. Please notate if you need any special dimensions.

Product Details:

Cloth width: 2 in

Wire Field:  2 in (no border).

Tip Length: 1.2 cm

Teeth Per Square Inch (TPI): 54, 72, 90, 120, 190


How to choose the correct Teeth Per Inch (TPI):

The carding cloth’s teeth per inch (tpi) measures how densely the teeth are packed together. That density determines how much texture of roving is removed and how much color is blended in a single pass. The higher the number, the finer the carding cloth and the more smooth and blended the fiber becomes. 

Think of tpi as it applies to a hairbrush: If you have fine hair, you use a brush with lots of bristles close together. This gives a smooth finish. When you have curly hair, you use a wide-tooth comb or a brush with stiff bristles that are far apart. These bristles leave the curls together rather than separating and smoothing them out.

Although coarse and textured fibers are best carded on low-tpi carders, fine fibers can also be carded on equipment with less dense carding cloth. One way to match up your cloth with your fibre is by paying attention to the micron counts (approximate) of your fleece. Let’s consider anything between 18-24 micron is ‘fine’, that 24-32 Micron fibers are ‘medium’ and 33+ micron fibers are ‘coarse

  • Fine - tpi of 120< OR 90< for a blending board(Merino, Alpaca, Cormo) To card smooth, lofty batts and rolags with little to no texture or blend fibers and colors together thoroughly. Fine fibers are best used on high-tpi carding equipment. To card more textured or coarser fiber on a tool with a high tpi measurement, it is important to pick open the fiber first.  
  • Medium - tpi around 72(Finn, Jacob) For most uses, including carding most wool.  It can accommodate a range of fiber diameters, create somewhat textured fiber preparations, and blend and smooth moderately fine batts.
  • Coarse - tpi 50>: (Lincoln, Leicester)To keep lots of texture in the fibers and blend loosely, this will give you a chunky, textured batt. If you are carding multiple kinds of fiber together, you will get bold variations on a single pass.

    Follow the links for more information on tpi and carding:


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