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Cashmere and Rose Blend - Rosemere


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Experience the luxury of Cashmere beautifully micro-blended with the natural silky fibers produced from Roses. 50% protein fibers and 50% cellulose fibers are juxtaposed seamlessly in order to offer creators a versatile and easy to work with blended top. This match made in Paradise can be used to hand spin yarn, weave into textured tapestries, wet or dry felt into cat caves or ethereal cloudscapes, and anything else you can imagine. You will love the incredibly soft hand of this roving and how it practically spins itself. The fibers are cleaned with the utmost care and carefully carded together resulting in a vegetable-matter-free top that provides both drape and loft in the finished product. Treat yourself or a loved one to this truly unique luxury fiber.

Fiber Details: 
50% Cashmere Down (goat) and 50% Rose Fiber (bast)
Staple Length: 4-7 inches
Micron: 18
Preparation: Top
Used for: Spinning, Wet and Dry Felting, and Weaving