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Kollage Square Interchangeable Needle Tips 3.5"

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Square knitting needles by Kollage are made to fit your hands, making it easier and more comfortable to knit the day away! Perfect for knitters with arthritis, carpal tunnel, or stiffness in their hands and fingers, or just for tight knits and slippery yarns. Not only does the unique square shape of these needles reduce strain and tension on wrists and fingers, but it also enables you to knit faster and produce more even stitches. These ergonomic needles will help you comfortably craft beautiful projects for years to come!

About Kollage Square:

The original Square knitting needles, manufactured in Canada and come with a lifetime warranty. These ergonomic needles relieve stress and pain in the hands and wrists and are perfect for those with Carpal Tunnel or Arthritis. Many knitters have returned to pain-free knitting because of their Squares! Your hands are your most important tools, so treat them right!

Kollage Square became a subsidiary of Career Services Group Ltd., a division of Career Services, in December of 2019. Career Services started as a grassroots initiative in 1972. It was formed by a group of families with disabled members that faced barriers to employment. They have been in business for over 45 years but were officially incorporated in 1976. Career Services does not have an owner, they are a non-profit organization overseen by a board of directors made up of community-minded working and retired professionals that guide their mission to expand inclusive employment.

Career Services is fully involved with their community by providing and supporting the best possible opportunities for growth and development for everyone. They offer the unique combination of an employment service, which includes placement and skills development for individuals who face barriers to employment, and revenue-generating industrial businesses. All proceeds attained through their business endeavors are re-invested into their organization to expand and support our mission and those they serve.

Every Kollage Square needle purchased enables their parent organization Career Services to expand employment opportunities for individuals with barriers by working with employers and community partners. By providing specialized supports, they help people pursue their work goals. They are truly knitting together and connecting the world of needle arts/hobby craft with an inclusive social mission. Career Services embraces the connection between knitting and their employment services; metaphorically speaking Knitting and job development share four recurring themes; starting something new, repeating a pattern (skills development), changing things (coping with job expectations/changes), and creating an ending (finding employment).

Over the years Career Services has been able to serve thousands of individuals who face barriers to employment, to provide them with training, real work experiences, community placement opportunities, and one on one coaching. They are “knitting lives together” by assisting barriered individuals to practice and master the stitches they use daily to create employment.

Kollage Square Knitting Needles & Crochet Hooks entirely in North America, with most of the manufacturing steps taking place in Canada. Kollage doesn’t smelt the aluminum themselves (they buy that from a plant in the USA), but they do basically everything else! Kollage Square is exceptionally proud to bring a high-quality, North-American-made product to the market that’s made with exquisite quality control and backed by a lifetime warranty. That’s what they're all about!