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Simply Socks Premium Fiber Blend

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A premium, hardwearing, naturally elastic combed top consisting of 80% Targhee Wool, 10% Viscose Bamboo, and 10% Tussah Silk. You'll love the way this fiber dyes up as each fiber will react to dye differently. This fiber spins like a dream and can be used in wet and dry felting projects. Treat your feet to a soft and squishy blend of premium fibers that are ethically sourced. 

Targhee is a domestically grown wool that is processed in the United States. 

About Targhee Wool:
Micron Count: 22
Staple Length: 3-5 Inches.
Supple and strong fiber that is next to skin soft. Ideal for spinning, dyeing, blending, weaving, and many other craft uses. You won't find a fiber anywhere else that compares to the quality of this undyed carded roving top.