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Cryptic Corriedale - Maharaj Meadowbrook


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Magnificent and distinguished! Maharaj Meadowbrook is the peacockish Green, Blue, Rust, and Chestnut hued option found in our newest blends featured in our October 2019 Murder Mystery KAL, beside 7 multi hued options consisting of buttery soft Corriedale Wool, cooling Bamboo, and Lustrous Silk. Our Murder Mystery Inspired, Cryptic Corriedale blends were carefully designed to produce a top suitable for creating a durable worsted or woolen yarn with slight sheen and lovely drape. Suitable for handmade sweaters, shawls, hats, mitts, and more. Click here to see the full collection. 

 Our line of Cryptic Corriedale hand-spins with ease due to the long staple length and can be used in many craft applications for beautiful and interesting results.

Including but not limited to: Spinning, Blending, Weaving, Felting, Dyeing, and more!

Collect all 8 multi color shades found in our Cryptic Corriedale Collection and share your photos of what you create on social media with #paradisefibers

Fiber details:

Fiber Content: 70% Ultra Soft Dyed Corriedale Top - 15% Viscose Bamboo Top - 15% Grade A. Mulberry Silk
Staple Length: 4-6 inches
Micron Count: 20-25 microns
Care: Hand wash, Lay flat to dry

Character Study:

A master religious Guru adorned in exotic silks and beads, Maharaj Meadowbrook resides in the warm, spice-laden region of Imperia. His marble mansion is emblazoned with gold, and precious gems drip from the rich hand-painted tapestries draped in every room. His days are spent lounging on his plush ottoman or strolling through the gardens, quietly observing his surroundings and those less fortunate than him. Generally a subdued man, when spoken to he tends to digress into extensive monologues.
His dialogue and visions lean towards prophetic and he has been known to influence multiple government takeovers thanks to his divine-inspired advice. He is a close companion and personal adviser to Governor Gold, frequently joining him on his yacht to remote islands while sipping Absinthe soaked tea. A formidable team when brought together, they have been known to go to great lengths to achieve their goals. A history shrouded in mist and luxury, he is an enigma of enormous proportions.

Maharaj Meadowbrook is 1 of 8 characters involved in our Murder Mystery Story written by Elaina Sicillia and featured in our October 2019 Fiber of the Month Club Box - Featured alongside the Starlight Shawl by Kristen Olson. 

Your purchase of this product will include an instantly downloadable PDF of the full collection of our Murder Mystery Character Studies accessible in your customer account. If you'd like to access the full story featuring all the characters you can do so by purchasing the Starlight Mystery Shawl KAL Currently being released in installments through November 1st.