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Earthues Natural Dye Madder Extract per ounce

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Color: Mandarin to Burnished Orange, This is the pure extract, we also offer the bark and ground bark which is not as potent but much cheaper.

Madder is one of the oldest and most frequently used traditional dyestuffs known to man.  It has extensive history in Turkey, India and Iran where it is still being used.  The secret for Turkey red, a deep rich madder red color, was guarded for centuries throughout Central Asia.  To this day, madder red is still considered a mysterious color.  Madder dyes to its truest colors with an alum mordant in hard water at temperatures that do not exceed 160 F. We provide a very strong madder extract that yields lovely, deep orange-red to deep red colors. Use 2 Tums Antacid Tablets per Gallon of Water for best results.  Also for optimum rich madder color only use Aluminum Sulfate at 20% weight of goods.