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Earthues Natural Dye Pomegranate Sold by the ounce

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Natural Dye Extract Pomegranate
Color: Gold to Khaki

Pomegranate, with its deep red rind and ruby-colored flesh,  is known as Anar in
India and Granado in Spain.  It grows wild in India, Italy, North Africa andChina.  
The rind of the fruit is used for the deepest yellow color, although the bark
contains more tannin. The rinds are a waste product of the pulverized seeds
which are used as a spice in India.  Poegranate is an aromatic dye that yields an
especially nice green-yellow color.  The age of the fruit affects the color of the
dye: the less ripe the fruit, the greener the yellow.  Pomegranate has a high
tannin content which when combined with iron gives a yummy deep moss green.