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Faux Fur Wookie Pom Pom


We have run out of stock for this item.

Faux Fur Pom Pom Balls are a fluffy fun addition to any knitted or crocheted project. Featured in our Star Wars themed Fiber of the Month Club Box, these 3" ultra-soft poms are inspired by Wookies and Ewoks alike. Add a Chewbacca style pom pom to your cozy winter hats and scarves, bags, or anything else. Made with luxuriously soft and fluffy faux fur that is both fade resistant and odor-free, these pom poms add flare to any accessory.
Spruce up your next woolly creation with a faux fur pom pom.
  • Size: Diameter - approx. 3" 
  • Material: Imitation fox fur: A luxuriously fluffy, fade resistant faux fur with no odor.
  • Color: Natural brown color will fit all different style hats
  • Multi-functional: These adorable pom pom balls are designed with a tiny elastic loop, convenient for attaching to the top of a hat, or to decorate bags, scarves, gloves, shoes, keychains, cellphones, and more.
  • Upon arrival, the pom pom may have a rather haggard and not so fluffy appearance due to shipping conditions. Simply use a hair dryer (preferably on a cold setting) to re-fluff, or shake by your hand for a few seconds to make it look round and beautiful again