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Firefly Notes | Stitch Markers

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Firefly notes whimsical stitch markers in complementary packaging are sure to bring delight to any makers project. 

Birds and the Bees - 4 x 10 mm round snag free birds plus 4 x 10 mm round bees in a pack for your customers next knitting project!

Spring Mix - 2 x apple blossoms 2 x daffodils 2 x umbrellas 2 x robins

Sack of Socks - Contains 8 sweet enamel socks in 4 different colors (2 of each), on a raw brass ring.

Raindrops and Umbrella - 7 x silvery toned raindrop stitch markers plus one custom Firefly Notes enamel umbrella progress keeper.

Mushroom Mix - 8 exclusively designed (adorable!) Firefly Notes enamel mushroom charms on 10mm round no snag black rings to make a delightful bag of mushroom stitch marker.

Honeycomb and Bee - 7 x 10 mm golden toned honeycomb shaped stitch markers PLUS one silver toned bee progress keeper.

Brass Hearts - 10 x sweet little raw brass heart stitch markers plus 1 x silver toned heart progress keeper in this pack.

Crow-Chet - 2 crows (metal) and 2 glistening jet black rhinestones (set in raw brass) on claws plus 6 bulb pins. (3 honey colored and 3 black). 

Geometric - Various sizes and colors of brass shapes for your knitting needs!

Go Fish - 10 tiny and light weight raw brass, no snag stitch markers plus one removable boat are included in this fun fish pack for your next knitting project!

Baby You're a Star10 tiny and light stitch markers plus one removable star progress keeper!

Aviary - 2 Goldfinch, 2 Magpies, 2 Ducks, 2 Cordon Bleu Finch. 

Bakery Designs - 2 Colored Doughnuts, 2 Colored Cupcakes, 2 Teaspoons, 2 Baking Powder.

Winter - 2 Mittens, 2 Snowdrops, 2 Blue Jays, 2 Ice Skates..

Petite Pear - 10 tiny peat shaped stitch marker and one silver toned pear progress keeper.