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Glimakra Band Loom


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The Glimakra Band Loom is quite the popular item! With it's affordable price & ease of use, you can see why weavers are so excited to get their hands on one. Weave ribbons & bands up to 5” wide to add that decorative touch to your projects. Weave bookmarks, straps, leashes & collars, even scarves! There are many opportunities for creativity. This fun little loom would make an excellent addition to any weaver’s collection. If you are shopping for your first loom, a Band Loom is a great entry for new weavers. Glimakra's Band Loom can be set up for Inkle weaving & card weaving, or used as a 2 shaft with Texsolv heddles.


  • Band Loom
  • Texsolv Heddles (100)
  • Tie-up cords
  • 2 Tie-on bars
  • 1 stick shuttle
  • 2 Arrow Pegs