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Gotland Tweed Blends

: Yin

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Lofty, lustrous, and silky delight! Our Gotland Tweed blends feature one of the oldest and most prominent breeds of Scandinavia, Gotland! This breed descended from three different breeds of sheep that were traded and crossbred by the Vikings: the original Swedish short-tailed, the Uzbekistan Karakul, and the Russian Romanov. The lustrous and strong long-wool that we know and love today selectively emerged in the 1920’s. The wool is dense and wavy with an open curly crimp. Although it classifies as a long-wool, the fiber diameter is thin by comparison to classic long-wools at 28 to 32 microns. Gotland possesses a very soft and silky texture unlike other long-wools with a brilliant luster shared by other long-wools.

When blended with other wool as we have done in our Gotland Tweed selections, the resulting yarn is both soft and strong with a fluffy halo similar to mohair blends. The incorporation of wild tussah silk (produced from wild silkworms) adds a beautiful matte finish that contrasts the natural sheen of Gotland and increases the strength of your yarn. To add to the rustic feeling of this classic blend, we’ve added bits of viscose tweed that will create a textured, slubby feel to your finished yarn. Spin Yin and Yang separately to showcase their individual beauty or ply them together to bring balance to two contrasting yarns for a marled effect. 

*Please be aware due to the nature of black dye; the dyed Tussah Silk and the dyed Viscose Tweed in the Yin blend may bleed for the first few washes. You may wish to wash before spinning if you plan to work it with the white Yang fiber to prevent color bleeding.

Featured in our February 2021 duality-themed Fiber Club package. You can sign up for our Fiber Club HERE.


Fiber Content: 50% natural Gotland Wool Top, 25% Merino Wool Top, 20% extra bleached Tussah Silk Top, and 5% Viscose Tweed

Micron Count: 20-30

Staple Length: 3-7 inches 

Texture: Tweed

Feltable: Yes

Care: Hand wash and lay flat to dry