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Howard Orange Oil

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 Use Howard Orange Oil to clean, polish, and nourish wood surfaces like kitchen cabinets, tables, and antiques. It easily restores depth and natural beauty without drying out the wood. Made with real orange oil, it has been trusted for over 35 years. Safe for use on all wood surfaces, with no silicone or linseed oil.

 Comes in 8oz bottle.

Directions Listed Below

Spray Howard Orange Oil on a soft cloth and wipe onto the wood surface. Polish with a clean, soft cloth. Test on a small area with a cloth before spraying directly onto the wood.

For example: an unfinished or natural oak wood surface may absorb more Orange Oil than a finished surface, so it might be best to spray directly onto the wood. Then allow the product to penetrate for five minutes before wiping away excess. On finished wood surfaces, Orange Oil should be sprayed directly onto a soft cloth then applied with that same soft cloth to the finished wood surface.