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Koigu Collector Color -Azurite

SKU: Azurite-0013
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The deep blue of the Azurite gemstone is often paired with the bright green of copper oxidization which creates the beautiful color palette we were inspired by to create this month’s collector color.

Azurite has been admired for its potent blue for centuries! It was the most prevalent blue pigment in European paintings and used in art by ancient Egyptians.

This month’s collector color, AZURITE is in KPPPM fingering weight 100% Merino on a dark indigo base with electric pops of shades of blue and green. Each skein is 50 grams with approx. 175 yards

KPPPM is spun from the finest merino sheep in the world. Plied for durability, this lightweight wool is soft, silky, and retains the natural elasticity of merino. An extremely versatile yarn, the Premium Merino is celebrated by fiber artists around the globe. Ideal for both hand knitting and crochet, as well as machine knitting, weaving and needlework; this yarn is perfect for creating dresses, slippers, sweaters, shawls, blankets, hats, and gloves... the list could go on forever!