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Lotus Fiber Top

SKU: T548
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Light and breathable! This sustainable cellulose fiber is created from the pulp of the lotus plant. The top has natural moisture absorption benefits and is perfect for creating yarns that will be close to your skin. The fiber provides strength, slight sheen, and drape when blended with other fibers. 

As the lotus flower rises above the muddy water, one is reminded of their own ability to rise above adversity. Besides providing energy for life, the plant also yields fibers that can be used to create a rare cloth that matches silk's flawless qualities. In Japan, separating the fibers from lotus stems has long been practiced by hand, but today machines are used to break down the stems and regenerate the fibers. Since ancient times, it was believed the lotus plant had healing properties, and wearing fabric made from lotus fibers was also believed to have the same effect. The lotus plant is pure in virtue, and its intricate design and iridescent fibers embody that purity. It is impossible not to feel a sense of calm, peace, and meditation when wearing lotus fiber fabrics. In addition to being lightweight with a soft, silky hand, lotus fiber is breathable, wrinkle-resistant, piling-resistant, durable, and strong! Spinning this fiber is similar to silk or bamboo; try spinning from the fold with low tension, and a high amount of twist to make the experience a bit easier.